Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I could do this more often!

I haven't got to do this with the lil' one for months and months. This is me and "Rissy". She's such a prissy momma's girl and rarely wants to snuggle with daddy. She's going to be a girly girl, which is great, but I thank God for flu's and pink eye. Poor Rissy roo got pink eye over the weekend. This is day two. She just wasn't feeling good and wanted rescued.... In comes Daddy The Rescuerer! Some things take a momma's touch and some things take the comfort of a pappa. Praise GOD this took a pappa! We were laying on the couch in front of the fire cozy as can be. Side note, two full days and a night is all it took for her to get over the pink eye. We used an herbal rinse to clean her eyes, and applied warm tea bags to help sooth and cleanse.


Scott or Pam said...

A precious moment, indeed! I have two daughters, the oldest one is momma's, for sure. The youngest one is a daddy's girl wil a touch of momma on the side. I sure can tell when she doesn't get enough of poppa, and it breaks my heart to the point that I seek her out. Maybe she plans it that way?

Martina S. said...

I am glad Rissy feels better now! My grandma and mom used chamomile tea bags for all kids of eye infections as well. The picture is heartwarming. I can't wait for my hubby to be back home so the girls can snuggle up with him again!