Sunday, September 28, 2008

The manly art of hunting...

Ok, so I've never actually technically hunted before but I've gone with others. When I was like 12 or 13 I went squirrel hunting with my uncle Mike, I was so scared he'd actually kill a poor lil' squirrel that I would stomp around and talk real loud so that they would all run away. I know, don't worry I grew outta that goofy tree hugging thing. So a couple of years ago I went again with my father in-law. I would just sit out there with him, video taping and watching. We went bow hunting twice I think, one time I got sick about an hour into it, really light headed and got ill to my stomach, I still catch flak about that one. Another time we went out and my father in-law was shotgun hunting. I loved it, we were on the ground about 20 yards apart, I had the video camera and was taping woodpeckers and squirrels, field mice were scurrying across my outstretched legs looking for food. Then there he was, a young buck out about 40 yards, we could hear him moving around earlier but now we got to see him. I set the camera on him, I knew any second Jim would take him down so I tried to keep a steady beat on that buck. What seemed like several minutes passed, actually it was just about a minute, and I was just wrapped up in the beauty of God's creation. Then BAMMM!! Boy that buck just dropped in his tracks.... I think.... I kinda got gun spooked and the camera jerked all over the place... Yup... Smooth huh? Jim hasn't asked me back out to go hunting since, in fact he often says that if it wasn't for my boy he'd stop hunting all together... I think he's just worried I'm gonna ask to go back out again. I got me a bow now, I'm gonna practice as much as possible and try to go out this year with him, so I'll probably have a good story for y'all after that.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sowing Seed!

I had the heaven sent privilege of witnessing to a young man today who was hungery for truth. This young man was open to the word and even asked for more. It was encouraging for me to be honest, it's been a while since I've had a willing recipient of the Gospel and about as long since I've been able to present it without carnal strength. You know what I mean by that? I may be alone in this but there are times when I get to share Christ with someone and I've been caught off guard. You know, I was ready in season but outta season I was a little rusty. Anyway that has happened to me, and I know the verses to share and I know the path to lead them down so I kinda struggle through and present God's Salvation. Needless to say I don't feel victorious after an occurrence like that, it was in my strength and for what ever reason I wasn't in complete fellowship with my LORD at that moment, it coulda been a bad day, I may have been bitter or tired... whatever it was my mind and energy wasn't in it, my spirit wasn't in it. But not today, today I couldn't have not testified to that young man, the hope of Glory Christ in me wouldn't have it any other way. God opened the door walked me in and sat me down! The young man probed in for more without prompting, ( I could make a whole nother post just on that prompting stuff). It started with God's conviction on his heart and ended with Christ been presented. I see this young man weekly, sometimes daily, and I will be following up with him, encouraging him not to silence that still small voice that is calling him to the cross. I just praise God for that opportunity to share my saviour!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Without hope in this world....

I don't think I've ever really posted about my main job. I work at a drug and alcohol rehab center that provides residential care. For the most part the people we get are there to escape a criminal charge or at least lesson a sentence. Up until this past month we provided care to adults and youth 13 and up. We stopped serving adults do to budget cuts and have taken on about thirty more youth clients. This kids are from inner cities, sub-burbs, little towns, and farms. (But mostly inner city). At first I my heart went out to them because I have a similar youth experience as they do and I wanted to see real change in them. Hope. For me nothing changed in my life until I trusted Christ as my saviour. I would try every now and then to make a change but it was all superficial, you know like turning over a new leaf or starting a new chapter or whatever. But I noticed that these kids didn't really change, they would have all the right things to say and be able to convince any one that they wouldn't use again, but in my short time there I have seen some kids three times. That's alot, they stay on average for 90 days but some stay upwards of 120 to 160. I've seen one stay 182. They keep coming and they keep pumping them full of this worlds philosophies and those kids go back out into the world with a new vocabulary but nothing has changed... nothing... even if they never use another drug again. They are still raging heathens, without hope in this world. Now I don't so much care about where they have been compared to where I came from, my heart hurts for where they are going compared to where I am going. This is the best this world has to offer these kids, a bunch of huministic knowledge that at best will help them get rid of an addiction they developed while trying to mask their lonelyness and pain they feel because of seperation. Seperation from the Father. They lack peace, and we teach them how to be content with what this life has to offer.

I work as the maintenance man, so I don't have a lot of personal interaction with the clients, but here in the past few weeks I've been working with them as part of some overtime I have been getting. The LORD has opened my eyes and given me a compassion for them that wasn't as strong before.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy Days

It's been a couple of weeks since I've been able to put a post up, sorry, not that I have a big readership. I've been working alot of overtime and working on getting some wood ready for the heating season. It also doesn't help that we have a metered internet service, we're allowed 4 gigs a month, last month we used 8... oops. We have been trying to not use as much this month, and surprisingly blogging must use a lot because that's all we pretty much do. Any way, we've been busy with the weather starting to cool, and lots of rain.
Over the labor day weekend my dad came to town, I was able to do some motorcycle riding with him. We rode out to Macomb and went yard selling, when your riding it doesn't really matter why you go just so as long as you get to go. We had a good time but most encouraging was that my two oldest children are concerned about their grandpa Dave. They just came out and witnessed to him, asking him if he was saved. I love their boldness and their persistance.
Well I'm not much for justing poting random things about my daily life so I'll stop here, I'm studying out a passage the LORD has laid on me and will be posting on it as soon as I see were God is taking me with it. Till then God bless!