Monday, December 29, 2008

Indian Summer?

It has really warmed up here in the midwest. The melting snow and ice from the past two weeks has caused rivers to rise and yards to become giant mud pits waiting for bike ruts. It's hard to stay inside when the temperatures outside are pushing 50, especially since we've had some single digit days with windchills as low as -20 that kept us held up in the home.
Gage is such an outdoors boy, he'd be happy playing out in the bad days, but a warm day like this with mud to boot... I didn't have to tell him to smile for this one.

Bear just loves playing with his brothers and sisters.

Chloe would have to make everything so logical, you may be able to tell here that she's trying explain why she tagged Gage first.

Even Chester enjoyed the warm muddy day... and thanks to him our mud room is really a mud room.
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