Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First day of vacation

Today is officially my first day of vacation. I am taking Family Medical Leave for the birth of Deacon James, I'll be off till at least after Christmas, maybe till the new year. I'm going to take it slow and relax. Enjoy my new son. But I can't just do nothing, I like work too much and since I won't have to do it for someone else this next two weeks I'm going to do some for myself. Here is whats on the agenda....

  1. Replace water heater... This went out the day before Deacon was born and I didn't get to work on it till yesterday. Funny thing about is that it's in good shape except for a little glass temp link that holds the damper open in the burner area. It kinda looks like those red things on sprinkler heads. Anyway once the get too hot they break, this can happen from not enough air, and they cannot be replaced... lil piece of glass ruins a 200 dollar water heater because a box was set next to the water heater. Oh well, good news is that its under waranty and I can put it in myself.
  2. Find clothes for Deacon James. We store all of our clothes in the crawl space in tubs. Well it's usually a real good idea, we hardly ever flood, hardly ever. It must have flooded pretty good because out of 12 or so tubs full of kids clothes, 3 are still good. Three tubs were just baby boy clothes, all mildewy now. I'll have to work some overtime when I get back, oh well most of the boys clothes are pushing 4 years some are 8 years old.
  3. Fix master bath toilet. I'd rather not say how long this has been broke, but it's a real easy fix. Hopefully I'll be motivated enough to do it.
  4. Fix master bath shower.... I bet your starting to see a trend here. Ok this has been broke even longer than the toilet. I need a new mixing valve for it, pretty much a whole new everything on the plumbing side, it's also a pretty easy job...
  5. Change oil and winterize the vehicles.... It's freezing out, I could definitely see me talking myself into paying someone else for this one.
  6. I'm gonna put this one in to give my wife some hope.... Finish the hard wood flooring.... I'm almost done, and rightly so I've been working on it for a year and a half. But it looks great. I'll at least put the trim back up.