Thursday, December 18, 2008


We've been trying to balance taking it easy with keeping up with house chores and my to-do list. Mamma is resting and bonding with Deacon James, we're all trying to get in one on one time with him. Well we had some good friends stop by for a visit today and they did something that we're very thankful for. They brought lunch, and supper, and probably a midnight snack for me! Papa Murphy's Pizza. Two delicious pizzas and two gooey Cinnamon Wheel deserts.

The deserts looked so tasty it was hard not to go straight to them, especially for Hunter Douglas. He decided to put his fingers in for a taste test.

I think he learned a lesson in patience tonight. I had to cover his hand in mustard to relieve the burn. A trick I picked up at my first job as a cook for Dairy Queen. The vinegar draws out the heat, the cool paste relieves the burning and it's thick so it won't just drip off (built in band aid).