Friday, August 15, 2008

So how Have I done this Week With my CQ

I was looking up the definitions for the word honour as it is used in the KJV Bible and I came across a website where a man was giving what the word meant to him. He said that honour was what he gives and doesn't seek. Honour is holding a door open for someone to show that you esteem them more than yourself. Honour is giving up a place of precedence to someone to let them know that you value them above that place, and above self. Now I read this guy's definition and I liked it but I think it lacked something.... Humility. Ironic. I saw pride in it, will worship, an outwardly show to make up for an inwardly lack. Sounds like me. Sounds like a man that hounoureth himself and lacketh bread. The reason I say this is because I know what it's like to grab ahold of a truth and be sold out to it. When I got saved, there was no thought processes going through my mind telling me I had to do this or that to "show" that I was saved... The thoughts I had were to please the God who saved me. I would tell others about Christ not because I thought that made me look saved but because his spirit compelled me to. I think that if I am going to grow in this area I need to not focus on the "acts" I can do to be humble, but the truth's I need to grab ahold of to be compelled, sold out, put into subjection to his will.