Monday, December 1, 2008

My chickens are looking tastey!

For those who've gone through my archives you'll know that my first post was about our family's endeavor to raise chickens. We got them in July of last year, well at least this round of chickens the first batch were cat food. They were lil' bitty things. Well we've fed them pretty much just on clovers and bugs, we let them run free during the day and pin them up at night. Since winter is hitting I'm not sure what I'm gonna feed them. I don't want to go to feed unless I have to. There is one thing I've got though. A secret weapon. Unlimited supply of Panera Bread. Oh yeah, organic all natural and free. The place I work gets the day olds from Panera, I get the three day olds from my work. My chickens love it.