Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sowing Seed!

I had the heaven sent privilege of witnessing to a young man today who was hungery for truth. This young man was open to the word and even asked for more. It was encouraging for me to be honest, it's been a while since I've had a willing recipient of the Gospel and about as long since I've been able to present it without carnal strength. You know what I mean by that? I may be alone in this but there are times when I get to share Christ with someone and I've been caught off guard. You know, I was ready in season but outta season I was a little rusty. Anyway that has happened to me, and I know the verses to share and I know the path to lead them down so I kinda struggle through and present God's Salvation. Needless to say I don't feel victorious after an occurrence like that, it was in my strength and for what ever reason I wasn't in complete fellowship with my LORD at that moment, it coulda been a bad day, I may have been bitter or tired... whatever it was my mind and energy wasn't in it, my spirit wasn't in it. But not today, today I couldn't have not testified to that young man, the hope of Glory Christ in me wouldn't have it any other way. God opened the door walked me in and sat me down! The young man probed in for more without prompting, ( I could make a whole nother post just on that prompting stuff). It started with God's conviction on his heart and ended with Christ been presented. I see this young man weekly, sometimes daily, and I will be following up with him, encouraging him not to silence that still small voice that is calling him to the cross. I just praise God for that opportunity to share my saviour!