Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Evening Service

Tonight my pastor preached on a topic I find very interesting. Porters, or gatekeepers. He talked of the porter of the church (the pastor), the porter of the home (the father/husband), and the porter of the heart (the christian). Have you ever noticed how many times the position of the porter comes up in scripture, the word alone comes up like 40 times. But the position that of a person who keeps watch of the door or gate of a place is everywhere. Pastor really had a lot of good points on the subject. One that he made was that when Satan attacks he won't scale the walls of your home he'll sneak in through whatever way the porter (dad/husband) allows. Same applies with our hearts.

This is Pastor as the watchman notifying the porter of approaching danger.
Here's a good picture of pastor and one of the young men of the church. The porter examines people and things before he allows them into the place that he is charged to keep.And here is a picture of one of Park Meadows' Porters!! Our gates are safe!!