Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Living Witness!

I received several great blessings over the past couple of weeks, obviously posting wasn't one of them... sorry about that. I've been really busy lately and it doesn't look like it'll lighten up anytime soon. I'll probably be working late for the next five or six days which I dread because of how it gets dark so soon now. Anyway back to the blessings, I'll leave tomorrow to take care of itself, first I had the opportunity to talk with a loved one about the hope that is in me, I was also able to attempt to answer a few questions. Pray for the LORD to answer them all. My wife posted on that a little better, but the LORD did answer a burden my wife and I had for them.
Another one was at work. I've been working with the clients closely now for about 2 months I guess. It's been a great opportunity, I've had chances to witness and have been able to give council from a biblical perspective rather than a humanistic perspective. Best of all I had conformation of a work that Christ has been preforming in my own life. I've built relationships over the past couple of months, or a report, whatever you call it I get along with lots of the clients. They'll come to me with their problems or just to talk. The clients at the rehab center I work with are more than just worldly, they range from kids who "play" with the occult to gang bangers to homosexuals. Some of these guys would rob you on the outside. So suffice to say they have a skewed moral value system. One thing they do that really gets me though is dirty foul talk. Not just cussing but perverted talk. I haven't really noticed it but I guess over the past few weeks working with these guys I have built up a reputation, one of which they far anyway. So this thursday I took a few clients out to eat for helping me prepare for an inspection. There was three of them, all three I had built a relationship with. At the resaraunt I noticed that one of the clients was looking at the waitress in a lustful way. As humbly as I could I asked him to not do that around me. He responded saying "yeah, sorry, you're always telling me that, I shoulda known", then the others started talking about how at one time or another I "pulled them up" about something of that nature. I never really payed attention I guess. Anyway that opened a door of uttereance that I could not shut if I wanted to, they had question after question. All I could do was point them to Christ. All this because of something the LORD has been working in my life on, when Christ gives the victory he brings the spoils as well. This is the fruit of his working in my heart. I was excited about this anyway, I know it might seem small but for me it's huge. I too was once like them, wrapped up in many of the same life styles and sins, with out Christ. For these guys to seek out what is in me is amazing. Pray for the harvest.

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