Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Without hope in this world....

I don't think I've ever really posted about my main job. I work at a drug and alcohol rehab center that provides residential care. For the most part the people we get are there to escape a criminal charge or at least lesson a sentence. Up until this past month we provided care to adults and youth 13 and up. We stopped serving adults do to budget cuts and have taken on about thirty more youth clients. This kids are from inner cities, sub-burbs, little towns, and farms. (But mostly inner city). At first I my heart went out to them because I have a similar youth experience as they do and I wanted to see real change in them. Hope. For me nothing changed in my life until I trusted Christ as my saviour. I would try every now and then to make a change but it was all superficial, you know like turning over a new leaf or starting a new chapter or whatever. But I noticed that these kids didn't really change, they would have all the right things to say and be able to convince any one that they wouldn't use again, but in my short time there I have seen some kids three times. That's alot, they stay on average for 90 days but some stay upwards of 120 to 160. I've seen one stay 182. They keep coming and they keep pumping them full of this worlds philosophies and those kids go back out into the world with a new vocabulary but nothing has changed... nothing... even if they never use another drug again. They are still raging heathens, without hope in this world. Now I don't so much care about where they have been compared to where I came from, my heart hurts for where they are going compared to where I am going. This is the best this world has to offer these kids, a bunch of huministic knowledge that at best will help them get rid of an addiction they developed while trying to mask their lonelyness and pain they feel because of seperation. Seperation from the Father. They lack peace, and we teach them how to be content with what this life has to offer.

I work as the maintenance man, so I don't have a lot of personal interaction with the clients, but here in the past few weeks I've been working with them as part of some overtime I have been getting. The LORD has opened my eyes and given me a compassion for them that wasn't as strong before.