Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ice storm

We had a pretty good ice storm here on Thursday night. Lots of tree limbs down, mostly in my in-laws yards. Everything is slick, you slip just thinking about walking. Yesterday we went to get some clothes for Deacon, number two on my to-do list. Today we were going to do some work outside, cut up the branches and what-not. Well I got the chicken pin cleaned up and a load of wood brought to the porch. It's not that bad cold out but it's hard to get anything done. The woods covered with ice and that dulls the saw blades, can't burn the limbs with an inch of ice around em'. So we came in for some home made hot cocoa, not that cheap packet stuff but the Hershey cocoa powder. Mmmmm. Well sipping on that next to the fire with lil' Deacon sleeping in his chair beside the fire kinda made me sleepy. So I'm getting off here and taking a nap with my new baby boy.