Monday, May 18, 2009

Kickapoo Park Lincoln Illinois

Here are some random pictures of the kids after a sunday picnic between services.

Bear trying to find the perfect skipping stone.

Rissy walked clear to the tall grass on the other side of the field. Her curiosity is fearless, or she's sure her daddy can rescue her if anything does happen.

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The Comstock Family said...

We LOVE Kickapoo! We like to go there to play, walk, and explore. Have you ever been down to the sandy beach part? A few years back, us and the Pecks went into the water and were dislodging fallen trees and riding them down the creek. SOOO fun! I also stepped over a little snake... creepy!

Jeff said...

Wow, is this a small world or what. What are the chances of clicking a link from another blog and finding a park I used to live practically across the highway from. My family I lived in Lincoln before moving to Oregon in 2002. We love Kickapoo. Makes me want to eat First Wok!