Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Working alot...

Sorry to all who check out my blog regularly, I have not posted in awhile. I've been busy with work and family. My dad came for a visit just a few days after I went back to work and stayed for about a week. I think I did more work around the home my first week back to work than I did during my whole vacation.
I built a bunk bed for the girls. It went quick and cost less then fifty bucks. They are incredibly sturdy too. I use lag bolts to hold the legs to the boxes, that really sures it up.

I also decided to paint the wife and I's bedroom. I think it turned out really well. The accent wall is burnt orange and the other walls are teddy bear tan. I paint all the time at work, I do more painting, actually, than anything else. I find it relaxing and enjoy it, especially when someone is paying me for it.

Jamie and also wanted to replace our existing outlet covers with wooden ones, so I got on ebay and started looking for some in bulk. Instead I found some for 8 bucks a piece that looked like tuscan tiles, they looked really good and I almost talked myself into it until I read the description. It said that each plate was made with photo paper and several coats of acrylic hardener. Well I figured I could do that. I'll do a post later on a step by step, just because it was really fun and easy to do with the kids. This one is made from a photo of an old shed door, looks alot better in person.

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Scott or Pam said...

Less than fifty bucks for bunk beds? Plans! I need Plans! I look forward to the step by step on the outlet covers, also. Good work!