Monday, November 17, 2008

Operation Spud Launcher!

Our mission: Assemble a class 3, Idaho model, Spud Launcher (model # 0001), to be used in the defense of our HQ from forces invading in from the east.

Phase 1: Acquire materials.
  • 1 foot 3" pvc pipe
  • 4 feet 1.5" pvc pipe
  • 1 reducer. 3" to 1.5"
  • 1 slip to female thread transition piece 3"
  • 1 male thread plug to fit 3"
  • pvc pipe cement
  • 1 lantern flint
  • 1 10# bag of Spuds
  • rubbing alcohol or hairspray

Phase 2: Assembly
  1. Cut 1' off of the 1.5" pipe, this will be your spud cutter.
  2. Join 3" pvc with the 3' of the 1.5" pvc using the reducer.
  3. Attach the transition piece to the end of the 3" pipe
  4. drill a hole large enough to feed the lantern flint through without it going all the way through. Firmly fasten the flint into position.

Phase 3: Defend the home front
After securely fastening the pvc with pvc cement, and cutting some Spud grenades, remove the three inch plug from the butt of the Spud Launcher, add rubbing alcohol or hairspray, fasten plug back on tightly, aim away from all friendlies (this includes neighbors houses and pets) and activate flint. (Warning: Should only be done under the supervision of a Comanding Officer, Mom & Dad)


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The Watchman said...

For those who are curious the Spud Launcher works great, I have a problem with the flint ignition, I'm going to switch to a spark ignition from a gas grill. It shoots far and hard. Really cool big boy toy! Plus the kids love watching.