Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Even so, LORD come quickly....

We may have a new president, but God is still on the throne and whether we understand what is going on or not his will shall be done. Plus, Obama can't be any worse than the rulers of Christ's day, remember what happened with the Church in those days. There are several major issues that Obama is wanting to allow swift approval for that we should be in prayer for. One is a lift on all bans concerning abortion, another is the hate crimes bill that will make witnessing very hard and preaching about sin even harder, and there is also a bill coming up called the fairness doctrine that will mandate opposing views on talk shows and radio shows. So your favorite conservative radio show host will have to share his time with a left winger, or your favorite christian broadcasting station will have to share time with athiests, muslims, or scientologists. We as christians are to be anxious for nothing, and I'd have to say I'm not scared so much as I am excited. In our weakness his strength is made perfect!

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