Sunday, September 28, 2008

The manly art of hunting...

Ok, so I've never actually technically hunted before but I've gone with others. When I was like 12 or 13 I went squirrel hunting with my uncle Mike, I was so scared he'd actually kill a poor lil' squirrel that I would stomp around and talk real loud so that they would all run away. I know, don't worry I grew outta that goofy tree hugging thing. So a couple of years ago I went again with my father in-law. I would just sit out there with him, video taping and watching. We went bow hunting twice I think, one time I got sick about an hour into it, really light headed and got ill to my stomach, I still catch flak about that one. Another time we went out and my father in-law was shotgun hunting. I loved it, we were on the ground about 20 yards apart, I had the video camera and was taping woodpeckers and squirrels, field mice were scurrying across my outstretched legs looking for food. Then there he was, a young buck out about 40 yards, we could hear him moving around earlier but now we got to see him. I set the camera on him, I knew any second Jim would take him down so I tried to keep a steady beat on that buck. What seemed like several minutes passed, actually it was just about a minute, and I was just wrapped up in the beauty of God's creation. Then BAMMM!! Boy that buck just dropped in his tracks.... I think.... I kinda got gun spooked and the camera jerked all over the place... Yup... Smooth huh? Jim hasn't asked me back out to go hunting since, in fact he often says that if it wasn't for my boy he'd stop hunting all together... I think he's just worried I'm gonna ask to go back out again. I got me a bow now, I'm gonna practice as much as possible and try to go out this year with him, so I'll probably have a good story for y'all after that.

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